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Bob Finn Memorial Fund

During his 50-plus years of teaching and research, Professor Robert K. Finn was known by his students and colleagues for his big ideas and his generous spirit. He championed the “big idea” that a new era of biotechnology could lead to substantial benefits for humankind. His scope was international, including important exchanges with colleagues in Europe and India. In that spirit, we have created the Bob Finn Memorial Fund to support the work of AguaClara Reach.

AguaClara Reach champions the “big idea” that safe water, on tap, is within reach of every single community in the world. We are committed to offering a similar, generous spirit of education, technology transfer, and exchange of ideas. Our work will also lead back to the lab, as our association with Cornell University continues.

Contributions to the Bob Finn Memorial Fund support AguaClara Reach’s launch, multiplying the creation of community water purification systems through the training of engineers in locations such as Odisha, India.

The following donors have generously given their support to the Bob Finn Memorial Fund, raising a total of $10,820 for the launch of AguaClara Reach.

John Finn

Lucile Finn

Kai Tam

Vic and Mary Edwards

Mark Greene

Robert Kruse

Michael and Karen Shuler

Helen Haller

Vijay and Anjali Arora

Thomas Carmody

Anonymous Donors